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Contribute Generously!

Change a Life and You Will Change the World!

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How your contribution impacts youth

  • 10/ month ($120/year): Healthcare for one student
  • $20/ month ($240/year): Transports and provides food for a student in a weekly program
  • $50/month ($720/year): Partial sponsorship (pays for transport and lunch to our programs, assistance with school supplies and health care)
  • $150/month ($1800/year): Full sponsorship (pays for transport, lunch, school fees, and assistance with school supplies and healthcare)
  • $500/year: Runs one Girls Club per village.
  • $3000: Provides clean water to a rural community (with a matching donation)

Your support will change the lives of not one, but many people in Ghana's rural Volta Region and beyond. By supporting students in our programs ripples of good things spread.